What is CityMayor?

CityMayor is a Decentralized App (dAPP) that harnesses the power of the Ethereum blockchain. With a smart contract at its core enforcing all the rules, CityMayor allows you to trade cities and monuments in its fictionnal world. But CityMayor is more than that, tradings boost the economy of their locality and generate CityCoins (CITY) to their owners. These CityCoins can then be traded on any exchanges accepting them.

When was CityMayor released?

The Citymayor smartcontract was created the 5th march 2018. You can check it on the Ethereum blockchain: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x09fbd985bd2c36e2e4fdd45f437ba7d66e67305b3ab0102e778abd17ccad4edb

Why should I buy a city?

Buying a city provides many advantages:

  • You can sell it later for a higher price.
  • Or wait to receive offers from other mayors and reward the bolder ones!
  • Each time a neighbor city (within the same country) is purchased, you'll receive some CityCoins. This is the consequences of the economy improving around you!
  • With CityCoins, you can unlock monuments and increase the value of your city. Or you can also purchase monuments from other cities in hope of getting a better price for them.
  • Every time someone acquires a monument in your city, guess what? You'll get some CityCoins! Gotta tax them all!
  • The CityCoins (CITY) are standard ERC-20 Ethereum tokens. We've planned to submit the token on exchanges such as Binance or Bittrex. When this happens, you'll be able to trade your CityCoins for other currencies (XRP/LTC/BTC/NEO...)

How does the Economy Boost work? How are CityCoins distributed?

Different aspects of the CityMayor's world impact its economy:

  • When a city is bought for the first time, 5000 CityCoins are minted (created for the first time) and distributed among the owners of the neighboring cities (within the country). For example: if you purchase the city of Bordeaux and are the second person to buy a city in France, the economy boost will distribute 2500 CITYs to you and 2500 CITYs to Paris.
  • Once a city has been bought, selling it will be rewarded by the United Nations (you can think of it as a bank) and 100 CityCoins will be distributed to the neighboring cities.
  • If a monument is traded within your own city, you'll tax it! and receive 3% of the CITYs spent in the deal.

What can I do with my cities?

While owning a city is a decent goal by itself, other opportunities will arise in your lifetime as a mayor:

  • You can sell the city, for a cheaper of higher price depending on its valuation.
  • You can "hold" a city in order to passively collect economic boosts from the region and taxes from trades of monuments within your city.
  • In a future version of CityMayor you'll be able to add a message (and maybe even a picture) to personalize your cities. Stay tuned!

What can I do with CityCoins?

For now not much, but wait for it:

  • With CityCoins, you will be able to unlock monuments. Perhaps to increase the value of your city, or in hope of getting a better deal for them down the line.
  • The CityCoins (CITY) are standard ERC-20 Ethereum tokens. We've planned to submit the token on exchanges such as Binance or Bittrex. When this happens, you'll be able to trade your CityCoins for other currencies (XRP/LTC/BTC/NEO...)
  • Other interesting applications for the CityCoins are being discussed at the moment... stay tuned!

How many cities do you plan to release?

We will release at most 5000 cities. The limit is defined in our smart contract.

What do you plan next?

Good question!

  • We will release the ability to trade monuments with the CityCoins you'll obtain from trading cities.
  • You'll be able to customize your cities with an image or/and a short sentence.
  • Virtual Reality?
  • Trade CITY coin on Uniswap 😳?

Do I really own my cities?

In the Citymayor world Yes. In the real world, no.

Once you acquire a virtual city, you're the virtual mayor of it! If you decide to throw out the key to your Ethereum account then no-one will never ever be able to plot a coup d'etat.

What should I know about buying a city?

While CityMayor is a game, it is important to be aware of a few things:

  • There is no promise of selling a city at a higher price.
  • There is no promise of selling a monument.
  • They are only virtual cities, you will not become the mayor of the city in the real world

Can I play with the contract directly?

I have more questions, how can I reach you?

Join our Discord.